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Dobmeier Lift Trucks Offers Complete Forklift Operator Training Program

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Need Forklift Operator Training? Federal Law states that all forklift operators must be over 18 years old and must be properly trained and certified.

OSHA Forklift Training Requirements

  • It is the Employers Responsibility to Train & Evaluate their operators, regardless of previous experience or prior training.
  • The Employer can Administer Training and Evaluation.
  • All training must be site specific.
  • Record Keeping and Documentation is Mandatory.
  • Non-Compliance can result in a minimum fine of $7,000.00 (OSHA Fact Sheet 92-36).

Comply with OSHA Training rule 29CFR19100178L

Proper Forklift Operator Training will help avoid:

OSHA Fines & Operator Negligence as well as lower insurance costs.

In addition, proper forklift training can help reduce liability and costly litigation as well as reduce maintenance costs, while increasing productivity and minimize accidents and injuries.

City of Buffalo, City of Niagara Falls! and everyone on a forklift in between. Forklift Operator Certification Training is required! Re-certification is required for every operator every three years.

Forklift Operator Training Program Includes: On site, teacher instructed forklift operator certification course for up to 10 people per class. All class materials provided. 
Train The Trainer Instruction and Packages also available. 
Train the Trainer package includes:
  • Instruction Manual
  • Interactive DVD/Video
  • Operator Handbooks
  • OSHA Regulation 29CFR1910.178
  • Inspections Forms
  • Written Tests
  • Template with Answer Keys
  • Guidelines for Training
  • *onsite teacher instruction for trainer if required

Komatsu Forklift

Dobmeier Lift Trucks Offers Forklift Operator Training Sessions that Certifies Forklift Operators for three years. Our classes are performed at the customers location throughout the Buffalo, Niagara Falls and greater Western New York region. We train up to ten individuals in each class, and work with each operator to ensure proper training on your equipment.

If you would learn more about the Dobmeier Lift Trucks Forklift Operator Training Program please call 716-876-8280 today.

We proudly serve Buffalo, Niagara Falls and the greater Western New York area.