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Industrial Batteries and Chargers are a critical part of any electric forklift fleet.

Dobmeier Lift Trucks carries a complete line of industrial batteries, chargers, and related equipment.

We service all brands of Industrial batteries and chargers.

By reducing downtime and investment cost, Dobmeier Lift Trucks is your first choice for battery & charger sales and service.

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We proudly provide Deka Industrial Batteries. See below for more Industrial Battery Information.


d series deka battery new yorkDecrease downtime and raise profitability with industry batteries made by Deka industrial motive power batteries. Available in 35-160 AH positive models, precision-built Deka batteries provide up to 2000 AH (at a 6-hour rate) of dependable power for all your material handling needs.

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max power deka battery new yorkThe MAX POWER line from Deka can deliver up to 10% more amp-hours in the same size battery. This additional capacity means more work per shift when compared to other batteries of the same size.

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fast charge deka battery new yorkDeka fast charge batteries are built to last longer under rigorous fast charge conditions. They are optimized for electrical conductivity and extended performance. Features heavy-duty intercell connectors, copper inserted posts, and dual cables and connectors.

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power mate deka battery new york

Deka POWER MATE batteries combine all the benefits of maintenance-free gel battery with an on-board, capacity-matched charger. No need to return the pallet jack to a remote, centralized charging area – simply connect the Deka POWER MATE charger into any 15-Amp, 120-Volt AC outlet.

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charge mate deka battery

Deka Charge Mate combines a battery and charger into one unit to eliminate the need for remote charging equipment. Just connect the battery to its own internal charger, and plug it into any 15 amp 120 volt AC outlet for safe, easy charging anywhere, at anytime…for maximum convenience and flexibility.

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hydrasaver deka battery

Unlike other competitive extended watering interval batteries, the Deka HYDRASAVER uses different alloy combinations and separator material that results in less water consumption.

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maintenance saver deka battery

The Deka “Maintenance Saver” line reduces watering maintenance to as few as four times per year or less, under normal conditions. You save time and expenses. And the possibility of overfilling is reduced, so it takes less time to clean the battery and neutralize corrosive acid deposits.

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gel maintenance free deka battery

Deka quality Dominator and Gel-Mate Batteries never need watering, saving you countless routine maintenance hours. With proper care and charging, Deka Dominator and Gel-Mate Batteries provide your medium and light duty applications with reliable maintenance-free power. Full discharge and recharge or opportunity charging, the Deka Dominator delivers. Other manufacturers batteries may be higher rated on paper, but Deka actually meets its published rate capacities.

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ez link deka battery

The E-Z LINK option simplifies industrial battery repair. Because connector burning is not necessary, special skills, equipment and training are not needed. Open flame around the battery is eliminated. This reduces the hazards associated with battery repair.

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